As global internet adoption continues its expansion, the demand for free desktop software continues to rise. With computer users spending more time at their increasingly powerful and less expensive computers, the breadth of software being employed is widening. Trying new software is an important step in expanding each individual user's computer knowledge, and often the increase in their software needs arises from a complex task that only one piece of software cannot alone suffice.

By being able to download free software, internet users are better able to explore new software tools and expand their skill bases. With these increased skills and abilities, users are now empowered to begin approaching new and more complex tasks. Complex tasks that were not a possibility even a few years ago, are now being performed by average computer users.

Distribution of free software plays a very important part in the adoption of new technologies. is pleased to play a small role in the distribution of free software and we strive to work with reputable third party software vendors. There is a lot of great software that nobody is aware about simply because the marketing and distribution of the software has not been properly conducted. This is a waste of the software, software coders, and human potential. searches the internet high and wide to find all types of free software. Once found, we review the free software, and if it seems useful to us, then we put it up on our website. does not develop the free software you find on our website. We search the corners of the internet to bring our visitors free software downloads that are being given away for free by the original software manufacturers. Visitors at our website are always able to download the software found on at the original software manufacturers website, and we will always include a link on our product pages to these original software manufacturers.

If you do choose to download free software from our website, the third party installer company that we use will very likely present you with additional software offers. You are not required to accept any of the third party software offers. Please take your time during the installation process, read the descriptions of the third party offers, and if you like them then accept them, and if you do not want to accept these offers then decline them. The reason we work with a third party installer company is twofold. Firstly, we need to have a revenue steam to keep our ability to distribute free software. Secondly, we have outsourced this functionality because monetizing the installation path is quite a different task than distributing free software.

So with that introduction, welcome to, feel free to download any software from our website that you find. Please note that our website will never ask you for any payment ever. Hence the name,